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Remember Golden Rule When Faced With Ethical Questions

Publication: Zanesville Times
Published: December 9, 2012
Author: Jim Evans

People occasionally face ethical dilemmas in their personal lives. The cashier gives you a $20 instead of a $5. Do you tell her? Should I tell the teacher that I saw a fellow student cheat on an exam? Should a freelance photographer take a photo of a man about to be run over and killed by subway train (as actually happened this week in New York)?

Companies also face ethical challenges. We’re all familiar with the Enron scandal and more recently the fraud perpetrated by Bernie Madoff that ruined lives and brought Wall Street to its knees. Of course, we can’t easily forget the vision of wildlife covered with oil and the safety violations that contributed to the BP oil spill. Customers increasingly have become concerned with the ethical practices of companies with which they do business, so being concerned with workplace ethics makes for good business.

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Remember Golden Rule When Faced With Ethical Questions