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Good News: Rutgers Student CPT Pays It Forward (May/June 2012)

On Friday, April 27, the Rutgers University Student Center for the Public Trust chapter carried out their annual community service activity by mentoring eighth-grade students in their area.

The chapter partnered with the Student Outreach Council to give 34 eighth graders from the Greater Newark Charter School the opportunity to learn why it is important to start building values and character at a young age.

Discussions revolved around what the students would do when faced with four different scenarios. They were asked if an action was ethical or unethical, what they would do, what they should do, and why. Students were then asked to create a board reflecting how they define ethics, and what they learned from the scenarios discussed as a group.

All of the students actively participated by taking notes, offering opinions, drawing their response posters, and presenting their posters to the group.

The Rutgers University Student CPT chapter looks forward to making this outreach activity with the Greater Newark Charter School an annual tradition.