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Robbie Narcisse Award Presentation

On February 21, CPT President Alfonzo Alexander and Founder David A. Costello visited Pitney Bowes National Headquarters in Stamford, CT, to present the Being a Difference Award to Robbie Narcisse. Ms. Narcisse serves as vice president of global ethics and business practices for Pitney Bowes.

Narcisse is responsible for leading the company’s efforts to ensure that its worldwide business operations are conducted in full compliance with all applicable laws, as well as ensuring Pitney Bowes’ policies and procedures are implemented with the highest ethical standards.

Johanna Torsone, Executive VP and Chief Human Relations Officer at Pitney Bowes, nominated Narcisse for the award, stating; "Ms. Narcisse has provided the thought leadership, stewardship, communications and day-in and day-out persistence required to enable Pitney Bowes’ long standing foundation of ethical business practices to be true in spirit and worthy of such recognition.

"We are proud to award Robbie Narcisse the Being a Difference Award," said CPT President, Alfonzo Alexander. "We are impressed with her efforts to ensure ethics and compliance are relevant and top-of-mind at Pitney Bowes. Her ability to provide positive leadership and influence in her environment proves that she is truly being a difference."