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The Excitement of 2012 (Jan/Feb 2012)

The year 2012 promises to be great for the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT). We are proud of the foundation our founder and recently retired President & CEO, David Costello built for this organization. I am honored to follow him as the new President of the CPT. My team and I are excited about what has been established, and even more excited about our vision for future success.

We plan to grow and enhance our current programming in several ways this year. Starting with our Student Center for the Public Trust (SCPT) chapters, our Being a Difference Awards and the Ethics Network, we will provide multiple activities and programs catering to individuals ranging from the college student up through experienced professional leaders.

Our student programming is a primary focus for us this year. We are growing the number of SCPT chapters across the country. Currently, we are adding chapters in the Mountain West region to complement our existing chapters in the North East and the South. By year’s end, we will also have chapters on the Pacific coast. You will see articles on our SCPT chapters in this publication throughout the year. In addition to the chapter growth, we will also host our Second Annual Student Leadership Conference this June in Philadelphia, PA.

Continuing to acknowledge and celebrate the ethical business leaders across the country also remains a major focus area for us. Through the Being a Difference Awards, we will identify and present outstanding leaders to you who are doing more than making a difference, but actually living in a way that shows how they are truly BEING a difference in every environment they enter. We are launching a Being a Difference Video Series which will feature current and past award winners, as well as other leaders in the business community.

If you are not a member of the Ethics Network, 2012 is the time to join. We are working hard to add membership benefits that make this community one that is a great resource for you on ethical leadership and related activities. You can expect to see more active conversations in the community, additional access to publications and information and experiential learning opportunities in the months to come.

Our agenda for 2012 is aggressive yet attainable. To hit our targets, we will improve our communications to all of our stakeholders through electronic and traditional media platforms. We are also committed to collaborating with organizations who share our values related to ethical business leadership and promoting individuals who lead with integrity and trust. Through these and other efforts, we will BE a difference.

Thank you for your support of this movement to build ethical business leaders. We invite you to join us in our excitement. We welcome your continued support, involvement and feedback in all that we do.