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Good News (Jan/Feb 2012)

Ohio Firm Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary with Charity Work

Employees of Brockman, Coats, Gedelian & Company, a northeast Ohio accounting firm, recently celebrated the firm’s 25th anniversary by volunteering and donating to 25 local charities. Founding and current managing partner Dave Brockman said, "It was important to us that we recognize this anniversary by demonstrating the core principles upon which we founded the firm – to shape not only the future of the BCG&Co., our employees, and our clients, but also the communities we serve and reside in."


30 Gifts for 30 Strangers

To celebrate his 30th birthday, a Brazilian living in Australia wanted to show his gratitude to the people of Sidney because, he said, "a lot of beautiful things happened in my life" since moving to Australia. With the help of friends, Lucas Jatoba purchased and wrapped 30 presents to give to 30 strangers. The gifts, from a rugby ball, skateboard, teddy bear and huge penguin, to a massage certificate and champagne, focused on fun and relaxation. As his friends shot video, Lucas delivered the gifts to strangers of all ages throughout the city’s parks and plazas. "Thank you to everyone who lives in Australia," he wrote on his blog. "You make this country such a wonderful place."