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Changing the World One Frame at a Time (Jan/Feb 2012)

The Center for the Public Trust (CPT) launches the 2012 National Ethics in Action Student Video Competition this month as an opportunity for college and university students nationwide to unleash their creativity while focusing on the theme of portraying Ethics in Action. Four prizes will be awarded in two categories; short film, 3-5 minutes in length, and PSA, 30 seconds or less. The Competition is open to college students across the country, and across all majors: business, finance, mass communications, marketing, accounting, etc. Students are asked to submit in either or both categories with an original and creative video centered around an ethics-based theme. The grand prize is $1,000!

This year, entries will go video-to-video via social media to win the Viewer’s Choice awards (1-for each category).

With the prevalence of ethical dilemmas in today’s society, the video competition offers an outlet to engage students, the world’s future leaders and Wall Street mavens, into thinking about ethics, accountability, and integrity.

In addition to challenging students’ creativity and originality, students are asked to educate viewers on the leadership, ethics and business issues that they feel are important. Students are allowed to stage the video in any format— as a short play, commercial, talk show, music video, documentary, or PSA.

The Competition will come to a close at a Premier Party in Nashville, Tennessee, where attendees will view the top video entries as winners are announced.

Sponsorship is provided by Lipscomb University’s Dean Institute for Corporate Governance and Integrity.

For more information visit the StudentCPT website.