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“Donate Now” (October 2011)

Ethics Matters – October 2011

"Donate Now!" A Google search for that phrase yields over 54 million hits. There are quite literally millions of worthy causes to which you can contribute your hard-earned dollars.

 Here is why we ask you to donate to us. The NASBA Center for the Public Trust is making a difference in the awareness of trustworthy and ethical business practices.

So far this year,

  • Over 25 students from 10 different universities across the country spent time, effort and energy to create videos that portray what "Ethics in Action" means to them.
  • More than 200 college students have been a part of their campus chapter of the Student Center for the Public Trust (SCPT). These students have networked with local professionals sharing ideas of what ethical business looks like from the classroom to the boardroom. While learning from others, many of these students have also touched the lives of middle school students by volunteering in character development education.
  • Twenty-two university students received scholarships to attend the CPT’s first Student Leadership Conference where they were able to interact with NASBA professionals, learn more about themselves and gained insight on topics such as ethics, integrity, accountability, communications, personality traits and interviewing skills. They were introduced to a community of young future professionals, all energized and excited to become agents of change for the good of business. For some of the students, traveling to the conference marked their first time ever riding on an airplane.
  • Several of the students who were afforded the opportunity to attend the student leadership conference are already giving back to the NASBA CPT by working to establish Student CPT Chapters on their campuses. This fall, the CPT anticipates more than doubling the number of students involved in Student Chapters across the country.
  • We received more nominations than ever before to recognize professionals who are Being A Difference in their communities and workplaces through demonstrating high ethical standards and trustworthy behavior. By the end of this award season, the NASBA CPT will award five individuals with our Being a Difference Award.
  • We launched The Ethics Network, a membership opportunity creating a community focused on influencing ethical decision-making and promoting an outstanding level of ethical practices and efforts. This group is already international with members from China and Puerto Rico.

In a year that has been riddled with stories of Murdochs, Whistleblowers, Anti-Bribery Acts and mortgage fraud, the NASBA Center for the Public Trust is proud to showcase what is good and positive in the professional lives of others.

It’s fast and easy to donate on our website. Click the Donate Now button on our homepage and you’ll be given multiple giving options to choose from.

Thank you in advance for helping support our work with students, our efforts to showcase the differences professionals are making and our network of like-minded individuals who, like you, are working toward making today’s business environment a more trustworthy place to work.