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Sponsor a Leader

The Sponsor a Leader campaign provides transformative leadership and ethics training to high caliber college students through the NASBA Center for the Public Trust’s (CPT) annual StudentCPT Leadership Conference (SLC). At the rigorous, two-day conference, students will:

– Replicate ethical dilemmas and evolve their decision-making skills
– Gain insight from speeches and networking sessions with premier industry professionals
– Study conflict management, personal responsibility and strategic networking
– Recognize, apply and boost their strengths
– Learn leadership best practices for their StudentCPT chapters and future endeavors

This year, we are excited to welcome 70 students to our summer conference in Washington, D.C. To have an inside look at the conference, play the video here.

Be the foundation for change,
pave a path towards success and
contribute to the Sponsor a Leader campaign today!

You can also support this campaign by sending a check to:

NASBA Center for the Public Trust
P.O. Box 306272
Nashville, TN 37230-6272

For questions, additional sponsorship opportunities or more information, contact the CPT at