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Run for What’s Right

Lace up your running shoes and grab your sweatband for the NASBA Center for the Public Trust’s (CPT) Run for What’s Right virtual 5K. A virtual 5K…what is that?

A virtual 5K is simple! All you have to do is walk, run or complete the equivalent of 3.1 miles by:

• Golfing (without a cart) for 90 minutes
• One hour of gardening or yardwork
• A 45-minute walk around the neighborhood
• A leisurely hike for 40 minutes
• A 35-minute bike ride
• Exercising on the elliptical for 30 minutes

On October 28, the CPT will celebrate everyone’s success at the Run for What’s Right Celebration in the America Ballroom Foyer (The Westin Copley, Boston, MA) at 4 p.m., where participants will cross the finish line, have photo opportunities, and receive their participation medal. If you are not attending the NASBA Annual Meeting, your participation medal will be mailed to you.

As CPT supporters, you have the option to donate to the CPT general fund or you can help one of your NASBA or CPT friends reach their fundraising goal of $2,000 and cross the finish line. Read below about what they are running for and to contribute today!


Name: Ken Bishop

Running for the donuts with sprinkles on top.    

Raised: $2697

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Name: Alfonzo Alexander

Running because he has so much free time on his hands!

Raised: $4360

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Name: Donny Burkett

Running for the economically friendly (free) t-shirt!

Raised: $5695

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Name: David Costello

Running for an extra glass of smooth red wine!

Raised: $4575

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Name: Jimmy Burkes

Running for an extra slice of Mississippi Mud Pie!

Raised: $3090

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Name: Michael Bryant

Running to give his loafers a break!  

Raised: $2960

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Name: Tom Kenny

Running for a pick-up soccer game in the park!

Raised: $2300

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Name: Sedrik Newbern 

Running for the Top Shelf Combo Appetizer at O’Charley’s!

Raised: $3031

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Name: Coalter Baker

Running for a kolache, or two, or four!

Raised: $4470

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By participating in the virtual 5K, you are supporting a healthy lifestyle and the CPT’s mission to develop, empower and promote ethical leaders. For more information, contact the CPT at

Donation totals are updated daily.