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Cuffed for a Cause

Fundraisers Infraction Amount Raised

Alfonzo Alexander

Having Too Many Meetings Each Day

Ken Bishop

Exceeding the Allowance of Lobster Consumption in Maine

Michael Bryant

Using GAAP Principles to Create Improv Skits

Donny Burkett

Giving Expired Gift Cards to Board Members for Christmas

David Costello Bribing NASBA Members for Voting Him Man of the Year  
Cassandra Gray

Creating Too Many Redline Edits on All Documents

Patricia Hartman

Forcing NASBA Employees to Refer to Her as Shoe Queen

Thomas Kenny

Secretly Selling Raffle Tickets to NASBA Past Chairs

Rick Reisig

Selling Unlicensed Kansas City Chief Jerseys at the Superbowl

Stephanie Saunders

Playing Golf During the CPT Report at the NASBA Annual Meeting