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Top Tips to Master Public Speaking

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Currently, the political landscape is buzzing as presidential hopefuls’ campaign across the country for the 2020 election. Some began as underdogs but currently find themselves climbing in the polls, while others began strong but are losing momentum. The entire process is fascinating. What do these candidates have to say? How are they saying it? How do they capture the hearts and minds of voters across the country? Public speaking is an artform, but just like anything else, you can improve with practice.

So, how do you master public speaking? Below are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Understand your audience. Learn as much as you can about your listeners. This speech is for them, so be sure to tailor your message to what they care about, what interests them and what will motivate and entice them.

2. Be Yourself. Do not be afraid to let your personality shine. Audiences appreciate and respond to personal touches, such as humor, personal stories, quotes, examples and more. A speaker can establish credibility with the audience when they are perceived as authentic.

3. Practice, practice, practice. Nothing can prepare you more for speaking in front of an audience than practice. Be sure to know the material backward and forward. Once you are familiar with the material, incorporate ways to challenge yourself, such as limiting how many times you look down at your notecards, memorize specific sections while the television is on in the background, and recite the speech while you go for a walk. The more you prepare, and prepare for distractions, the better and more confident you will be when it is time to go on stage.

-Dina Barabash, NASBA Content Development & Web Specialist