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4 Apps to Keep You and Your Team Motivated

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I am so impressed by my friends, family and coworkers who can stick with their New Year’s Resolution for 12 months or more. This year though, I am determined to stay resolution and goal focused!

Perhaps you have personal or career goals you would like to achieve this year. Whether you plan to accomplish these goals solo or with a team, here are four apps to keep you and your team’s eyes on the prize next year.

Quit piling 100+ post it notes of to-do lists on your desk. Evernote, a digital note-taking app, allows you to quickly jot down thoughts, snap quick photos to reference later or gather notes during a brainstorming session. Do you frequently get those “million-dollar ideas” that come to you in the middle of the night? Well, this app may be for you!

Did you know? $37 billion is wasted on unproductive meetings. This app makes meeting planning simple! Users can create to-do lists during the meetings, import important documents for all team members to view and delegate tasks through the app. You can even set timers associated with agenda items to keep your team on task and productive.  

The app, Streaks, allows users to choose up to six daily tasks they want to turn into daily habits. Streaks can even sync up to other apps, like the iOS Health App to measure goals  

21habit allows users to track good and bad habits. The app is free, but if users want to put a little skin in the game, you can register for a committed mode account. This requires users to invest $21 in their habit. For each day you succeed (in making or breaking your habit(s)) you get $1 back. For each day you fail, the dollar goes to charity.

How do you stay motivated throughout the year to accomplish goals or maintain resolutions? We would love to hear from you! Email [email protected] to share your tips or favorite apps.

Ashley Metivier
Business Development Specialist, NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT)