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October 26, 2017 – Nonprofit Learning Lab Presentation

Alfonzo Alexander and Ryan Hirsch will be facilitating an ethical leadership workshop at the 2017 Nonprofit Learning Lab conference in Nashville, TN. CLICK HERE to register or learn more about this event. Please see their session description below:

Leaders and employees at all levels will be inspired by this fast-paced and engaging workshop focused on ethical leadership. Workshop attendees will identify key competencies in ethical leadership. Participants will leave the workshop empowered with tips to remember when encountering ethical dilemmas. Armed with tools and techniques gained through this workshop, participants will be motivated to pursue and achieve sustainable success. Participants will understand how to recognize and avoid unethical activity and learn about the impact of negative behaviors in the workplace on organizational performance. This innovative session will provide attendees a series of experiences that will reshape their approach to decision-making. Everyone will be challenged to lead with integrity.

Alfonzo Alexander serves as chief relationship officer of NASBA and President of NASBA’s Center for the Public Trust (CPT). Alexander became President of the CPT in January 2012, and he leads the Office of Relationship Development, where he provides strategic leadership to NASBA’s communications, marketing, and meetings departments. He also oversees the leadership development and employee engagement activities for the organization, while facilitating a number of special projects working with the CEO. He is also a certified through several organizations as a facilitator and is a certified professional coach.

Ryan Hirsch serves as the operations director for NASBA’s Center for the Public Trust (CPT). Ryan is responsible for maintaining high ethical standards while developing and promoting ethical leadership skills through both student and professional programming. His primary responsibilities include managing internal operations, the StudentCPT chapter program, Bill Daniels Being a Difference Award program, and Campus Being a Difference Award program. Hirsch earned his Master of Education degree in Leadership and Organizational Performance from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College. He is currently using these skills to help teach young leaders how to identify and effectively respond to ethical dilemmas.