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What I Learned 10 Months Into My New Career

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For those familiar with the 90s sitcom Friends, you know that an ongoing joke about one of the main characters, Chandler Bing, is that none of the other characters can seem to remember what he does for a living.

Even though I have been with the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) for more than 10 months now, recently, my brother asked me, "What is it that you do again?" Just call me Chandler Bing.

To start, I am a Business Development Specialist at the CPT. After I give my title, I’m usually then asked, "What is the CPT?" Well, let me explain!

The CPT is a nonprofit based out of Nashville, Tennessee that promotes business ethics for both business professionals and students.

In 2016, the CPT is continuing to develop and enhance its programs for both of our demographics. These resources help business professionals across all disciplines understand the importance and relevance of ethical decision-making. The number of students and college campuses impacted by our activities grows each month, and we are steadily increasing our social media engagement.

We also recently unveiled our new Ethical Leadership Training and Certification Program for existing professionals. This online, interactive and self-paced product uses real world scenarios and subject matter experts to introduce and navigate situations individuals may encounter in their careers.

During the past 10 months, I’ve learned that practicing ethical business behavior can be challenging because the solutions to ethical dilemmas do not typically have clear, right or wrong answers. After watching a few of my team members deliver presentations about the complexities of navigating ethical dilemmas, I’ve heard people in the audience whisper, "Wow, did you have any idea this was the case?" I’m excited to work for an organization that is enlightening and inspiring current and future leaders.

I’m sure I will be asked to explain my role and the CPT many more times, which presents numerous opportunities for me. The CPT’s mission is one that I resonate with, and I’m happy to share more about our programs, services and overall impact. I have learned so much about business ethics during the first 10 months, and I’m excited about the things I will learn during the next 10 months.

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust is invested in the ethical development and training of its stakeholders, and we are available to help navigate any business related questions or concerns you may have.

Remember, Ethics DO Matter.

Alexia Kammer
Business Development Specialist, NASBA Center for the Public Trust