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A Prescription for Trust

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How much do you value your professional reputation? As a college student, my professors encouraged me to build my resume in a way that differentiated myself from competitors. Taking this advice, in jobs I’ve held since college, including my current position, I look for unique projects to incorporate into my portfolio so I continue to grow and learn from these experiences.

It’s important to remember that the foundation of your career begins with your professional reputation and qualifications. What you list on your resume should be a true reflection of your work experience, projects, education, etc. Although it may be tempting to add false information to make yourself appear as a stronger candidate for a position, this practice is unethical. You may not get caught falsifying information at the start, but sooner or later someone will find out and your professional reputation will crumble.

"Dr. Malachi A. Love," as shown in a photo posted to his Facebook page on Jan. 12, 2016.

“Dr. Malachi A. Love,” as shown in a photo posted to his Facebook page on Jan. 12, 2016.

This month, Florida police arrested 18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson for allegedly practicing medicine in Palm Beach, Florida, with no license. Multiple reports claim that Love-Robinson opened a medical practice, hired a staff, and deceived a handful of patients who trusted him with their care.

CNN reported that Love-Robinson claimed to be a 25-year-old co-founder, president and CEO of New Birth New Life Holistic and Alternative Medical & Urgent Care center, where he claimed to be “Dr. Malachi A. Love-Robinson, PHD, HHP-C, AMP-C.”

In this digital age, manufacturing false credentials is fairly easy for those who are tech-savvy. However, it is equally as easy to be discredited. Anyone can pile on heaps of internships or ample amounts of successful projects for the instant satisfaction of appearing smarter or more qualified than you actually are. But, why risk the embarrassment and instant career destruction? Ultimately, it is your character that differentiates you among other applicants.

Unfortunately, such suspected cases as Love-Robinson’s are frequent in the industries we work in. Students, job-seekers and employed individuals around the world will face challenges of turning away from honesty and transparency in order to appear better on paper. However, adhering to these values is what will complement the continuous build of a sustainable and credible career foundation.

Though we do not know if Love-Robinson will be convicted for the alleged crimes, the situation presents an ethical dilemma. Falsifying credentials and gambling patients’ health do not align with that of building a trustworthy and strong personal reputation.

How much value do you place on personal reputation? Ethical dilemmas are known to seep into regular day to day situations and we may not always know how to confront them. We recommend familiarizing yourself with resources to help navigate potential dilemmas and the repercussions.

Alexia Kammer
Business Development Specialist, NASBA Center for the Public Trust