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HealthStream CEO Gives $1.5 Million to Staff

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Bobby Frist

Bobby Frist, HealthStream CEO

Imagine going into work tomorrow morning and leaving as a partial owner of the company. That’s exactly what happened to 600 employees at HealthSream in Nashville, TN. The Tennessean recently published an article highlighting a rare display of generosity and leadership.

CEO, Bobby Frist, recently gave $1.5 million of his personal HealthStream stock to 600 of the company’s 950 employees. Stock amounts ranged from $300 to $10,000 depending on a number of factors including length of employment and position within the company.

You may be wondering why 350 employees were excluded from the stock giveaway. These individuals included managers and executives who already received stock as part of their compensation packages. Frist wanted each of his 950 employees to own a piece of the company.

Employees report that although this is a generous gift, it is not unusual for Mr. Frist to treat his employees well. They pointed to numerous examples of how he is consistently being a difference within the organization. He even sets aside time to listen to the concerns of his employees and help them better understand how they fit into the overarching success of the organization.

Would becoming a partial owner change the way you perform at your company? We should always be striving to excel in our business endeavors, but this scenario truly helps employees realize the impact of their contributions.

Always remember, Leadership is a Lifestyle.

— Ryan W. Hirsch
Operations Manager, NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT)

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