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Robert McChesney | 2012-2013

Robert C. McChesney, CPA is an owner and managing partner of McChesney Martin Saghorn, P.C., of North Platte, Nebraska. As a 40-plus year veteran of the accounting profession and former chair of both the Nebraska Society of CPAs and Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy, he came highly recommended due to his strong adherence to ethical principles, unwavering leadership and service to the community. He is widely recognized within the accounting and legal professions for exposing an out-of-town CPA for exploiting tax laws and administering fraudulent tax schemes within the North Platte community.

Nominator Dan Sweetwood, Executive Director, Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy, said “McChesney’s ethical character and decision-making ability is a shining testament of one who values the importance of maintaining a strong ethical foundation, regardless of the situation, or risk factors, at hand.”

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