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Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium | 2008-2009

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (NASBA CPT) will bestow a 2009 Being A Difference Award to the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium for championing state-wide efforts to instill ethics and integrity in the business community on Wednesday, May 20. 

The award – established by the NASBA CPT in 2006 – honors individuals, firms and organizations for unique contributions to ethical leadership in their profession, community, region and nation. 

Along with being the state’s first non-profit organization dedicated to ethics and integrity in the workplace, the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium (OkEthics) strives to establish Oklahoma as a state known for high personal and corporate ethical standards.

OkEthics’ initiatives and activities include, providing a platform for the Oklahoma business community to discuss and promote ethics and workplace integrity, as well as educating and engaging members on the issues of contemporary ethics, integrity and accountability. The Consortium additionally supports corporate and personal mentoring for the advancement of ethical standards in business and business education.

 “Quite simply, the contributions of the OkEthics Consortium make the world a better place to live,” said Edith Steele, executive director of the Oklahoma Accountancy Board. 

 About the NASBA Center for the Public Trust

The NASBA CPT’s mission is to restore confidence and trust in American corporations and institutions and the professions that serve them.