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Beyond Compliance: Transforming Ethical Dilemmas Through Courageous Leadership

On the fateful day of February 9, 2001, Commander Scott Waddle’s life was forever changed.  He gave the order to perform an emergency surface maneuver that inadvertently caused the nine-thousand ton submarine USS Greeneville to collide with the Ehime Maru, a 500 ton Japanese fishing vessel, off the coast of Hawaii.  Nine people onboard the Ehime Maru were killed in the incident. Against the advice of his attorney and the Navy’s direction, Waddle took responsibility for the accident and it changed his life.

A collaborative conference that allowed attendees to develop collaborative, conflict resolution techniques and prepared business leaders to manage conflict and ethics in every aspect of business.

Sessions were facilitated by nationally renowned conflict resolution experts Tracy Allen of Tracy Allen Mediation, Robert Chandler of Pepperdine University, Debra Fish of The Global Consulting Partnership and Steve Joiner of Lubbock Christian University. In these small sessions participants developed resolution rechniques and solutions for audit-related issues and conflicts.